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We offer affordable services for small businesses. 


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 Choose the package that better fits your needs. We're there to help you get IT support at low-cost. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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Package A - Answers ($24)

Get a completed answer to a simple question. 

> Send us a detailed question by email
> We consider your question and reply with a follow-up email to clarify the situation
> After clarifications, we provide a full answer that will help you solve your issue or guide you


"We have to renew Microsoft Office, is there any cheaper option!?"
"I have to choose a new accounting system for my small business of 5 employees. Any suggestions?
"I need a report in my Excel document, can you create it"
"Which database management system should I use for my new ERP?"

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Package B - Guidance


We offer this package to tackle bigger issues. It's useful when you need an analysis or would like to get guidance over a period of time. 

B1 - Video Conversation & Analysis

> One first email exchange to understand your needs and issues
> One 30 minutes video discussion to discuss together
> We *do* a Professional Analysis of your needs
> Results are first provided by email (written)
> Once you read our report, we have a 30 minutes video meeting to discuss the results and clarify anything


B2 - Email Conversation & Analysis

> We engage in a email conversation to guide your through your *problems*
> Our conversation, analysis & solutions are *provide in 10 emails* to make sure...
> You have one year to use them. More than enough time for us to guide you through any project you have


"We have an in-house system that needs to be updated. Where should we move from there?"

Choose your Package

Package C - Support

$49 / h.

Get long-term support, how you need it, when you need it.

About this package

> This package is perfect if you have long term projects.
> Mix of video can email conversation for ongoing support.
> Buy 1 hour or 20 hours at a time. Whatever you need (there is a 10% rebate after 20 hours).
> You are in control. Use your hours when you need it, as little or as much as you need.
> You can buy only one hour or 20 and use them whenever you need us. 
> Use your hours whenever you need them. You have 1 full year to use them.


You are migrating your house system to a new ERP and need long-term ad hoc support.
You need an analyst to help go through your current data to fix errors.
You are developing a new ERP in house and want an external eye.

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