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We specialize in small business software. For more than 15 years.

We've seen it all. From ERP implementation to accounting nightmare to sales system. Small businesses need to guided to avoid costly mistakes.

Avoid problem down the road and get guidance with our low-cost packages.

Get a completed answer to a simple question. Your unsure where to go from here and would like to seek professional advice? Ask us! We'll start a short email conversation and then I'll give you a full, complete answer.

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Need guidance? The comprehensive package will help you solve a problem or give you comprehensive analysis.

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Need long-term guidance? Want to avoid the pitfall of No problem We're here for that. Purchase a package or pay one hour at a time. We're flexible.

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Hi, I'm Erik, the owner of BIZnSOFT.com. I could have started with “we provide IT services for the small businesses…” but that’s just boring. What we provide is a simple, economical & efficient way for you to get your answers.

At BIZnSOFT.com, we know the IT World. Small businesses face the same IT challenges the big companies are, but where do you turn when they you guidance? That's what we do. We provide simple answers to complicated questions. We help small businesses save money by making the right choice. We give flexibility, so you only pay when you need it, within your budget.

We'll help you make decisions (big or small) , we'll guide you through an ERP implementation. We'll help you solve a bug. We'll discuss long-term strategy when you think you are making a small decision without consequences. Our goal: Help you make the best IT decisions for your business.


We've worked around SMBs for more than 15 years. We've seen it been before.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Always. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll reimburse you. That’s our commitment.

Professional Guidance

We are professionals. We deliver quality. We're BIZnSOFT.


“BIZnSOFT has done some great IT solutions design and support for my company.
Erik is a very bright team player, with a high level of business knowledge and strategic thinking.”


"I am very pleased with the product that I ordered, plus the level of professionalism displayed.
This company is everything it advertises and more."

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“Erik is a very good analyst who's able to decipher the needs of the customer in its
business model and propose creative solutions to meet those needs.”



Contact us for any questions!

Phone: 1 (518)  685-4142

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